Freight Shipping

Some of our items are too large to ship via standard shipping channels. These larger items require freight shipping. When you purchase any of our equipment that requires freight shipping you will need to request a shipping quote during the checkout stage. A representative will contact you via email with the list of questions below. A representative will then contact you with freight options for you to choose from*. Once you select one of the options presented, a representative will update your cart do that you can proceed with the purchase. If you have any questions about freight shipping, or if you need a shipping quote for a particular item on the site, please email or call 800-887-6937.

To help obtain the best possible freight shipping quote(s) for you on this item, you will need to answer the following questions.

1. Destination info – What type of location?
-Limit access location (hospital, construction site, oil refinery, military bases)

2. Does the destination have a forklift on-site?
-NO forklift onsite would require a Liftgate service
-Liftgate service charges vary between $35 to $75 (depending on carrier)

3. Any special services required? (charges may vary between carriers)
-Liftgate service
-Limited access
-PPE site (personal protective gear location)

4. Onsite contact info (sales orders without a phone # cannot be shipped)
-Phone #
-Name – First & Last
-Company Name
-Shipping Address

*Depending on the complexity of shipping your item, this may take up to one business day.