14.4KV S&C “Live-Front” PMH-10 Pad-Mounted Manual Gear For Outdoor Distribution- Used

14.4KV S&C “Live-Front” PMH-10 Pad-Mounted Manual Gear For Outdoor Distribution – Used

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14.4KV S&C “Live-Front” PMH-10 Pad-Mounted Manual Gear For Outdoor Distribution- Used

Switch Description:

14.4KV S&C “Live-Front” PMH-10 Pad-Mounted Manual Gear For Outdoor Distribution is a used item. It has normal wear and appearance from use and storage. This switch is sold AS-IS*.

S&C Manual PMH Pad-Mounted Gear ratings of 14.4, with switches and fuses in circuit configurations to fit every requirement. Recognized throughout the industry for their exceptional features and long-term value, Manual PMH models include:
Readily accessible components. Operating personnel can easily visualize the circuitry and see all components being operated
Mini-Rupter Switches, operated by an external handle, for 600-ampere three-pole switching of source circuits
Uni-Rupter Interrupters for 200-ampere single-pole switching of tap circuits
Comprehensive tap protection with:
Variety of current-limiting fuses
Grounding provisions for simple, direct, and visible grounding of cables
Dual-purpose barriers. Guard against inadvertent contact with live parts in the normal, vertical position; provide isolation from bus and upper contacts in the slide-in position
Exceptionally rugged construction and the industry’s finest finish. Provide extraordinary resistance to the elements, keep high voltage components securely isolated from unauthorized access.


We offer this switch with the option to recondition or retrofit. We also offer the unit fully tested (EOK), or AS-IS. Warranty options are available on most of our equipment. Contact us for details on the options that are available for this piece of equipment? Email; info@breaker.com Phone 800-887-6937. The posted price reflects the unit in AS-IS* condition.

Please review our AS-IS Return Policy before you purchase this item. Need help? Do you have questions about this product? Call: 800-887-6937 (M-F 8am-5pm) or Email: support@breaker.com

Switch Specifications:

Manufacturer S&C Electric Company
Switch Part Number 55242R4-F2M2N7-S144
Serial Number 068095
Switch Type Pad Mounted
Voltage 14.4kV
Amps 600
Condition Used

*This product is sold on an AS-IS basis at the request of the buyer. No service, repair, or testing has been performed on this item. ROMAC expects that the buyer will provide reconditioning and testing to this product prior to installation or use. ROMAC does NOT recommend this product for installation or use without full reconditioning and testing.