6FBP02 Blank Filler Plate (ITE/Siemens)

ITE/Siemens 6FBP02 Full Blank Filler Plate. This blank filler plate is compatible with ITE/Siemens FCI/II,FC20,CDP5/6,VB6,S5,P5,SPP,FPP (12 3/4 DEEP)” panel boards. the plate comes with all bolts required for mounting. Manufactured by HRC (Hardware Resource Company) a product group of ROMAC Electrical Power Equipment. Made in the USA.HRC is Made in the USA


This HRC Brand Product Includes a One Year Warranty.

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ITE/Siemens 6FBP02 full blank filler plate – Manufactured by HRC

Product Details and Specifications

Panel Type ITE/Siemens FCI/II,FC20,CDP5/6,VB6,S5,P5,SPP,FPP (12 3/4 DEEP)”

Height 2.5 Inches

Box Width 32(S4), 38(S5) Inches


Brand HRC (Hardware Resource Company)

This HRC brand blank filler plate includes plate and all necessary bolts.

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