ATS OTEC 300A 480V NEMA-3R Automatic Transfer Switch 4-Pole – Used

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ATS OTECC 300A 480V NEMA-3R Automatic Transfer Switch 4-Pole – Used

Switch Description:

OTEC transfer switches are designed for operation and switching of electrical loads between primary power and standby generator sets. They are suitable for use in emergency, legally required, and optional standby applications. The switches monitor both power sources, signal generator set start up, automatically transfer power, and return the load to the primary power source once a stable utility is available. The fully integrated controller is designed for practical functionality, with LED indicators and digital push buttons for ease of operator use.
Microprocessor control
Easy-to-use, standard control.
LEDs display transfer switch status; push buttons allow
operator to activate control test, exercise timing and transfer
Programmed transition
Open transition timing can be
adjusted to completely disconnect the load from both
sources for a programmed time period, as recommended by
NEMA MG-1 for transfer of inductive loads.
Advanced transfer switch mechanism
Unique bidirectional
linear actuator provides virtually frictionfree,
constant force, straight-line transfer switch action during
automatic operation.
Manual operation
Manual operating handles, shielded
termination, and over-center contact mechanisms allow
effective manual operation under deenergized conditions.
Positive interlocking
Mechanical and electrical
interlocking prevent source-to-source connection through
the power or control wiring.
Main contacts
Heavy-duty silver alloy contacts and multileaf
arc chutes are rated for motor loads or total system load
transfer. They require no routine contact maintenance.
Continuous load current not to exceed 100% of switch rating
and Tungsten loads not to exceed 30% of switch rating.
Easy service/access
Single-plug harness connection and
compatible terminal markings simplify servicing. Access
space is ample. Door-mounted controls are field programmable;
no tool is required.
 •Transfer switch mechanism is electrically operated and mechanically held in the Source 1 and Source 2 positions. The transfer switch incorporates electrical and mechanical interlocks to prevent inadvertent interconnection of the sources.
• Independent break-before-make action is used for both 3-pole and 4- pole/switched neutral switches. This design allows use of sync check operation when required, or control of the operating speed of the transfer switch for proper transfer of motor and rectifier-based loads (programmed transition feature).
• True 4-pole switching allows for proper ground (earth) fault sensing and consistent, reliable operation for the life of the transfer switch. The neutral poles of the transfer switch have the same ratings as the phase poles and are operated by a common crossbar mechanism, eliminating the possibility of incorrect neutral operation at any point in the operating cycle, or due to failure of a neutral operator.
• Electrical interlocks prevent simultaneous closing signals to normal and emergency contacts and interconnection of normal and emergency sources through the control wiring
• High pressure silver alloy contacts resist burning and pitting. Separate arcing surfaces further protect the main contacts. Contact wear is reduced by multiple leaf arc chutes that cool and quench the arcs. Barriers separate the phases to prevent interphase flashover. A transparent protective cover allows visual inspection while inhibiting inadvertent contact with energized components.
• Switch mechanism, including contact assemblies, is third-party certified to verify suitability for applications requiring high endurance switching capability for the life of the transfer switch. Withstand and closing ratings are validated using the same set of contacts, further demonstrating the robust nature of the design.
Voltage rating: Transfer switches rated from 40 A through 1200 A are rated up to 600 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz.
Arc interruption: Multiple leaf arc chutes cool and quench the arcs. Barriers prevent interphase flashover. 
Neutral bar: A full current-rated neutral bar with lugs is standard on enclosed 3-pole transfer switches. 
Auxiliary contacts: Two contacts (one for each source) are provided for customer use. Wired to terminal block for easy access. Rated at 10A Continuous and 250 VAC maximum.
Operating temperature: -22 ˚F (-30 ˚C) to 140 ˚F (60 ˚C) -40 ˚F (-40 ˚C) to 140 ˚F (60 ˚C)
Storage temperature: Humidity Up to 95% relative, non-condensing
Altitude: Up to 10,000 ft (3,000 m) without derating
Total transfer time (source-to-source):  Will not exceed 6 cycles at 60 Hz with normal voltage applied to the actuator and without delayed transition enabled.
Manual operation handles: Transfer switches are equipped with permanently attached operating handles and quick-break, quick-make contact mechanisms suitable for manual operation under de-energized conditions.
Transition Modes
Open transition/programmed – Controls the time required for the device to switch from source to source, so that the load-generated voltages decay to a safe level before connecting to an energized source. Recommended by NEMA MG-1 to prevent nuisance tripping breakers and load damage. Adjustable 0-10 seconds, default 0 seconds.
Open transition/in-phase – Initiates open transition transfer when in-phase monitor senses both sources are in phase. Operates in a break-before-make sequence. Includes ability to enable programmed transition as a backup. If sources are not in phase within 120 seconds, the system will transfer using programmed transition.
Microprocessor Control
• Simple, easy-to-use control provides transfer switch information and operator controls
• LED lamps for source availability and source connected indication, exercise mode, and test mode. LED status lamps also provided for control set-up and configuration.
• Push button controls for initiating test, overriding time delays and setting exercise time.
• Field-configurable for in-phase open or programmed open transition.
• Integral exerciser clock
• Control is prototype-tested to withstand voltage surges per EN60947-6-1.
• Gold-flashed generator start contacts
Control Functions 
Voltage sensing: All phases on the normal source and single phase on generator source. Normal Source Pickup: adjustable 90-95%, Dropout: adjustable 70-90% of nominal voltage; Generator Source Pickup: 90%, dropout: 75% of nominal voltage.
Frequency sensing: Generator Source Pickup: 90% of nominal frequency; Dropout: 75% of nominal frequency.
Exerciser clock: Switch is furnished with an integral engine exerciser configurable for operation on a 7, 14, 21, or 28-day cycle with a fixed exercise period duration of 20 minutes. A 12-hr exerciser time offset allows for the convenient setting of exercise time without the need to activate the timer at the exact time that you need to schedule the generator exercise for. Software selectable capability allows for the exercising of the generator with or without load.
Time-Delay Functions
Engine start: Prevents nuisance genset starts due to momentary power system variation or loss. Adjustable: 0-10 seconds; default: 3 seconds
Transfer normal to emergency: Allows genset to stabilize before application of load. Prevents power interruption if normal source variation or loss is momentary. Allows staggered transfer of loads in multiple transfer switch systems. Adjustable 0-300 seconds, default 5 seconds.
Retransfer emergency to normal: Allows the utility to stabilize before retransfer of load. Prevents needless power interruption if return of normal source is momentary. Allows staggered transfer of loads in multiple transfer switch systems. Adjustable 0-30 minutes, default 10 minutes.
Genset stop: Maintains availability of the genset for immediate reconnection in the event that the normal source fails shortly after transfer. Allows gradual genset cool down by running unloaded. Adjustable 0-30 minutes, default 10 minutes.
Delayed (programmed) transition: Controls the speed of operation of the transfer switch power contacts to allow load generated voltages from inductive devices to decay prior to connecting a live source. Adjustable 0-10 seconds, default 0 seconds.
Elevator signal: Provides a relay output contact for the elevator signal relay (load disconnect). The signal can also be configured to provide a post transfer delay of the same duration. Adjustable: 0-300 seconds (requires optional elevator signal relay for use). 

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Switch Specifications:

Manufacturer OTEC
Model TS1310 Power Command Module
Serial Number C120322285
Switch Type ATS
Voltage 480
Amps 300
Poles 4
Fuse Provision Non-Fusible
Enclosure NEMA 3R
Condition Used

*This product is sold on an AS-IS basis at the request of the buyer. No service, repair, or testing has been performed on this item. ROMAC expects that the buyer will provide reconditioning and testing to this product prior to installation or use. ROMAC does NOT recommend this product for installation or use without full reconditioning and testing.