Request a Quote

Need a quote on something you don’t see in our store? is the ecommerce portal of ROMAC Supply. ROMAC has over 80,000 individual pieces of electical equipment–not all of them are listed on yet. If you need something, feel free to call our inside sales staff at 800-77-ROMAC, or email us at

What’s the “Request Quote” Button on Some of the Items All About?

Items with a Request Quote button on get loaded into the Quotation Cart. The Quotation Cart is like a shopping cart, but the products that you select get sent to one of our inside sales associates who will give you the best price possible. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase when you request a quote on, and our sales staff will contact you within one business day!

When you hit the Request Quote button, your items get stored in the Quotation Request Cart. Requesting a quote is easy and secure, and there’s no obligation to buy anything!